Welcome to the Stanford Polymer Collective!

Stanford Polymer Collective Shared Facility Info Sessions

Presentations from the sessions are now available in .ppt and .pdf formats for download.

The Stanford Polymer Collective (SPC) is a new, interdisciplinary student group (which aims to become
an official student organization in Fall) that strives to fulfill every aspect of its name. SPC has
identified a need for a more unified and connected resource network for polymer researchers on
Stanford’s campus. We plan to hold regular meetings that range from student research talks, industry
site tours, and invited speaker presentations. To remove infrastructure barriers, we will be compiling
a database of relevant campus lab spaces and equipment, as well as provide a forum where relevant
questions can be asked and answered. In order to enhance the university and local community, we
intend to organize outreach events to educate the public about the exciting realm of polymer-based
materials that we interact with every day.